G'day Johnson,

From: Johnson Lam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 09:52:24 +0800
I noticed lots of users (especially in China) still stick to 'PC Tools
Memory Information v9 (MI)'. Is it too old to report correct
information from FreeDOS's memory managers or UMB information?

My guess is that it should work although I guess there is some chance it might not be happy that the UMBs are not set up in the same way MS-DOS does with different regions, etc. If it gives UMB information without errors then I guess it is ok :)

Since it's layout is neat and clean, I suggest to make a new layout of
MEM which similar to 'MI', then we can switch to MEM forever.

There's no need to change the MEM, just ADD a switch and it can
display like MI, because some people may feel the current layout is
good enough.

That sounds fine to me. I had also been thinking of one day splitting out the parts of MEM which investigate the memory contents from the parts that do the output so we could create an interactive version (maybe in Turbo Vision as I'd like to get some more C++ experience but that may be a bad justification :) ) because I think it is nice to be able to display a summary and allow the user to "drill down" if they want more information instead of having to keep executing MEM with different parameters, page through the output, etc.

Adding 'MI' output would probably be quicker and easier though :) Can you please provide sample output? I have PC Tools 7.1 and I guess the output might be different in version 9.

Also, I took a look at 'MI' but there actually seemed to be a couple of different output formats - maybe it would be worth having a separate executable so that (a) users get the familiar 'MI' command to enter on the command line and (b) we can have a matching set of parameters - it would probably be confusing if /A means one thing if you specify /MI and another if you didn't :)


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