Arkady V.Belousov wrote:

22-Сен-2005 02:07 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Bernd Blaauw) wrote to

BB> it sounds like VDS again to me. That has the effect that no more can be
BB> read from harddisk,
BB> which would explain the error about the cdromdrive, which seems like
BB> perfectly fine syntax
BB> (yes, config.sys is buffered first by kernel)

     No, error message says parsing error, not read error. For me, there
looks like broken memory contents.

The line in question is indeed syntactically correct.

The error message is caused by a read error because (1) everything works fine when using either EMM386 v2.04 or EMM386 v2.05 with VDS disabled (NOVDS parameter); (2) the kernel cannot read the command interpreter from the disk; (3) the kernel cannot read any file specified when it asks for the full path to the command interpreter to use.

Of course, it would make much more sense if the kernel could report that it was unable to read the specified file from the disk instead of reporting parsing errors on lines which are perfectly valid.

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