On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 22:24 -0700, Blair Campbell wrote:
> > Excellent question.  I'm trying to find someone to port GnuPG 1.4.1 to
> > DOS.  That would enable us to make a little GnuPG frontend for OpenGEM
> > and GEMini.
> Great idea!
> > Perhaps...*ahem*...Blair might like to try the challenge :P
> http://www.caddit.net/programming.php
> This web page has a link to GPG for DJGPP binaries.  Unfortunately,
> the link is broken, and I have tried to e-mail the maintainer but
> haven't yet gotten a reply (although the page is fairly new).  I have
> been trying to compile GPG for DJGPP myself, but progress has been
> stalled for now as the computer

Try the link again in www.archive.org about half the time when something
"disappeared" from the web it is there.

BTW there is still PGP2.6.3 if you google for it.


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