Michael Devore schreef:

No way I can see to discuss a page so that I can record a comment, for example, that notes most of the remaining EMM386 option to-do list is unnecessary, superseded, or no longer applicable. Not appropriate to just yank them out of there unilaterally.

And pretty much the same with HIMEM.

The page should have a text
"Improvement ideas for external contributors (developers don't care for this specific feature, or have no time)"

No maintainer/contributor is expected to do everything by himself, that would be ridiculous.
You've already implemented 98% or so of XMS and UMB/EMS drivers.
Nonetheless, commandline compatibility would be nice, just let developers do what Jason Hood did:
implement the switches, without any logic behind them.
"+ ignore unsupported MSCDEX options (/E/K/S/M)"

it's important to see the difference between a ToDo and a Wish list, and that's not 100% clear from these lists yet. I'm also messing a bit around with the Wiki, it's quite fun but time consuming.


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