Ah! I already saw the UPX! signature but didn't find the usual header. Is the kernel using a customized upx engine? At least it is UPX and no proprietary algorithm. :) How does the data get packed at compilation/linking time?


Arkady V.Belousov wrote:

4-Окт-2005 16:44 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Andre Tertling) wrote to Freedos User
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AT> I am in the odd situation that I need to determine the FreeDOS version
AT> of a given bootdisk without booting it. I already found that FreeCom can
AT> display the version, but only if FreeDOS is running. So I guess it
AT> retrieves the version information from the FreeDOS kernel. So where can
AT> I find this version information in the kernel?

       You can't, because kernal image along with all textial information
inside it is packed (by UPX).

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