At 11:13 PM 10/4/2005 +0200, Eric Auer wrote:

<various statements which would be unproductive to rehash my disagreements with>


The errorlevel thing would also have the problem that EMM386 and HIMEM
are device drivers. You cannot do "if errorlevel ..." in config sys, so
the suggested solution is ruled out.

Let us avoid the sillier debates. You cannot simultaneously argue that EMM386 may use a 386-level test to help configure loading at boot time, yet a separate program cannot legitimately perform the same test. The nature of EMM386 and HIMEM precludes loading them at a subsequent DOS prompt.

Either you can auto-configure at boot based on a 386-level test or you cannot. Whether the tests are performed inside or outside a particular device driver is irrelevant.

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