I've just installed FreeDOS on my old P120 mHz, 32 mb RAM PC. Everything work 
just fine with the exception of the sound card. This PC has an ISA 
sound+modem card (never saw a things like that before) and I've also 
installed a 5-6 or even more years old PCI soundcard with yamaha chip (I 
believe it should be compatible with DOS's soundblaster). My problem is that 
I can't get the sound work and sounds come only from PC speaker. The isa card 
wont play any sounds even with cd-player. As I understand that mean that: 
1/That isa card don't work at all or 2/ I need to enable in in BIOS by 
assigning some system resources to it, but I don't have any documentation for 
that PC. But my PCI card aslo wont work under DOS (just plays music from cd) 
- Wolf3D can't see any soundblasters in my system. Is there any information 
(maybe some HOWTO, etc) how to setup soundcards under DOS. I've already read 
the FAQ on Freedos.org about soundblaster setup and tried out a few settings 
in autoexec.bat, but the sound still wont work. 
Any help will be appriciated,
Thanks in advance

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