Blair Campbell wrote:

1/That isa card don't work at all or 2/ I need to enable in in BIOS by
assigning some system resources to it, but I don't have any documentation for

Usually you must set %BLASTER% to the resources (IRQ...) of the sound
card.  If it is not a sound blaster, you also need a driver.

Since you say it is a sound+modem card it is possible they share hardware, in which case it most likely will not work without associated software driver (an example would be mwave that was used in older IBM Thinkpads). Of course it could simply be a an ISA-PNP [plug-n-play] card you may have to configure the resources the card uses; some BIOSes may do this, but usually a program accompanies the card and will do this for DOS, alternatively the ISAPNP program may work (a real mode DOS version is on somewhere or a DJGPP compiled DOS version is available from the maintainer's site, sorry I don't have the url handy).

I'm sure you have, but be sure if you want to play CDs directly (as opposed to an audio file like a VOC or WAV) that you have the cable connected from the CD-ROM to the proper input on the sound card (some have multiple ones).

Sorry, but without knowing what exact card you have I can't provide any good advice.


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