I've managed to install the mwave drivers with the MS boot floppy and there is no error messages while loading the drivers. But I can not test the sound because every applications which use sound says that there is no enough memory to run. I've setup the MS config.sys on floppy to load DOS high, but it doesn't help.
What should be the next step? How can I adopt the drivers to FreeDOS?

If they aren't already, copy the mwave directories to your FD drive, then copy the entries added to your config.sys & autoexec.bat for MSDOS to your config.sys & autoexec.bat for FD (adjusting paths as needed). See if the driver loads ok. If it does then hopefully you will also have enough free memory to try and use the sound. If it doesn't then your options are either not use FD with sound or work with me running a bunch of tests to help track down the incompatibilities hopefully leading to a fix.


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