On Sun, 2005-10-09 at 15:15 +0200, Eric Auer wrote:
> Hi, I hear that ForteMedia FM801 based cheapo PCI sound cards
> are pretty DOS compatible without extra drivers, you should try
> to get one of those (I never managed to, the cheap PCI sound
> cards now all use crappy CMedia chips with good Linux / Windows
> sound and mostly broken DOS sound). Best for DOS are of course
> ISA soundcards with SoundBlaster compatibility of any kind
> (preferrably stereo 16 bit of course). Some newer PnP ISA cards
> need the BIOS setting "PnP OS installed: no" or need a PnP init
> tool like Intel Plug and Play Manager or some software which
> ships with the card / can be downloaded, but after that, all ISA
> SB compatible soundcards are really SB compatible. This is not
> the case for PCI soundcards with some less-compatible chipsets
> like the SoundBlaster Live PCI: Those need big complex special
> (downloadable / shipped with the card)
> drivers to simulate DOS SoundBlaster compatibility while the
> hardware is not actually very compatible.
I have an ASOUND card from a few years ago with dos / win311 drivers.
Its ALS4000 which runs great in linus from which I do all email now.

try ebay.


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