On Sun, 2005-10-09 at 12:22 +0200, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > If you provide me with which model Aptiva you have, it might help me
> > to ensure you have the proper drivers.
> The exact model No. is: 2176352.
> Information about this model available at the IBM site. There was a win95 
> originally pre-installed on this PC. 
> >If you have access to a MS/PC boot disk, you may want to try running
> >the mwave setup from there to see if that helps (once setup it may
> >run fine with the FD kernel).  Please let me know if everything works
> >when booting this but not FD or if once installed (using MS/PC kernel)
> >it works for FD kernel.
> I don't have MS-DOS or PC-DOS, but I can download OpenDOS if it can help to 
> test the things. 

Would a boot floppy work.  I can make a dd of one from PCDOS2000 by ibm.
Put as much as I can on it and send it to you or if possible the files
area if this list has such.

Then all you need is a program to put the image back.  BTW there is a
port of dd for windows which runs in konsole under 98 or xp.  The
command line is somewhat different than linux people are accustomed to.


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