Michael Devore escribió:
After three days of on-and-off hacking on it, I built a mutant UPX 1.25 to compress EMM386.EXE and HIMEM.EXE to work both as a device driver and as a stand-alone EXE file. As almost always is the case, the actual changes were small, figuring them out was the hard part.

Very interesting and nice job, Michael! I hope to see a place where to get such a beast in the remaining 20 messages I have to read :)

Using the custom mutated UPX will eliminate SY3PACK closed-source issues, including the 80186-level requirements for the [de]compressor (I think that's the SY3PACK minimum CPU opcode req).

What will make you sad is that SY3PACK compression actually beats UPX by a few hundred bytes on each of HIMEM and EMM386 files, but file growth is what you'll have to live with to keep the masses happy. SY3PACK winning may be due to the UPX rebuildable open source using the less efficient UCL compression library than the optimal UPX build which uses the closed-source NRV big-brother version. I can't do anything about that, either.

So did you manage to build UPX with the UCL library? I tried some time ago, failed and forgot about it. I am not saying that I did a big research, but the simple/plain first try didn't work.

So could you make that mutatn UPX/UCL file downloadable somewhere? I am hightly interested on that (provided that it can still compress the regular COM/EXE/SYS files), and furthermore, I think it'd be quite interesting to be used in the whole FreeDOS for all the programs and drivers.


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