Thanks for your help everyone.
I installed the from , and it increased my conventional mem to 606k, thanks a lot!
Also, mem /c returns: Invalid parameter - /C
I'm running FreeDOS Beta 8 too, in case that matters.  This is on my old thinkpad, which doesn't have a cd-rom drive, and I got several errors while trying to install from the beta 9 floppies, so I just reverted to beta 8.
Anyway, redbaron works now, haha!

On 10/14/05, Bernd Blaauw <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Blair Campbell schreef:
> Try using "dosdata=umb".  This will load the above values into UMBs, I
> think... or something like that.  In any case, it does something to
> free up memory, and is different than dos=high/umb
I don't know if that works without DOS=UMB (or in Jesse's case:
His current setting is DOS=HIGH,NOUMB
Equivalent to MEM /C is MEM /C. Depends on how your FreeDOS is though.

Strange that Jesse's FreeCOM uses 75KB of memory while XMS is available.
Normal optimized FreeCOM uses 3KB of low (conventional) memory, and
150KB of extended memory,
which should be available because HIMEM (and EMM386) was loaded.

please get from


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