Hi, we have various categories of software:
Beta 9 is only "base". Beta 8 is VERY outdated
but is all categories. We have a new CD-ROM
with all categories which I call the "Blair
FreeDOS distro" (100 MB). You can install beta 9
and the Blair distro without CD-ROM, though:
For that, you boot from the install-boot-disk
(if your PC is old, select mono / failsafe /
text install or similar: the default GUI install
requires at least a 486dx and 8mb RAM). Then,
you have several options:
- install from 2 "base" binary disks (base source
  disks are not needed) and you have beta 9
- let the installer open a cd-rom image which you
  copied to the target disk before in any way you
  like (e.g. using windows or laplink or filemaven)
- let the installer open a directory to which you
  copied the cd-rom images before...


PS: Please configure your mail to use plain text without html, thanks!

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