20-Окт-2005 20:10 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Johnson Lam) wrote to

>>FreeDOS has no such drivers, so as soon as it hits the
>>first partition beyond the first 128 GB, it shows an error
>>message and stops looking for drive letters. Otherwise it
>>works fine and accesses all drive letters in the first 128 GB okay :-).
JL> You sure it's the problem of FreeDOS?

     Not, of course. And Eric doesn't says that this is FreeDOS problem.
This is issue of BIOS, which used by FreeDOS.

JL> Isn't FAT32 suppose to handle 32bit address (2 TeraByte)?

     This is theoretical possibility, which limited by stupid hardware and
firmware (BIOS).

>>If FreeDOS could re-scan the partition table after loading
>>the UDMA2 DOS driver with built-in LBA48, FreeDOS could even
>>reach beyond my BIOS limit...
JL> Several months ago I've formatted a 160GB hard disk with FreeDOS and
JL> it can boot normally,

     This mean, that your BIOS already supports big disks and there not need
other tricks. Sceanrio, described by Eric, is only for cases with limited

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