On Mon, 31 Oct 2005 13:15:07 +0100, you wrote:

>we're just mentioning that should run on 8086, and that they should 
>support fat32. Not that FAT32 on 8086 should work in all cases..
>No 2 TeraBytes partitions on an 8bit ISA controller in a 8086..although 
>the mailinglist did receive mail from a person with 8086 computer and 
>cdrom installed on it.

Still thinking how many 8086 PC can support the new hardware. Also is
it worth to support the minority with so many resources?

Actually I don't mind 8086 support, but I prefer majority have the

>just like opensource SMB for DOS..everything relies on MS TCP/IP stack, 
>which is a memory hog and can hardly be loaded out of conventional memory.

Yes, I can understand TCP/IP eat a lot of memory. This kind of tough
work should code in assembly to minimize the size, but again tough

>I don't know how large Linux itself is nowadays. 1MB or so? The people 
>working on the LinuxBIOS project have trouble integrating it into 
>firmware due to size restrictions of the BIOS chip. Knoppix has also 
>converted its own bootimage to 2.88MB (or is running Isolinux instead of 
>direct floppy emulation).

It's great to put some low-level code in BIOS, maybe FreeDOS can also
benefit from it.


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