Thank you very much for your quick answers and your help.

I'm a really fan of DOS systems. For me is the best system (at least
the last system that I know what really is doing on the startup and
then I can configure it). From Windows 95 onwards all is a black

I have the following DOS systems:

 - PTS-DOS 2000
 - PTS-DOS 32
 - PTS-DOS 32 (by Parangon) --> What's the difference with the
PhysTechSoft version?
 - MS-DOS 6.22
 - DR-DOS 7.03
 - ROM-DOS by DataLight
 - FreeDOS (of course)
 - PC-DOS 2000

I haven't could to take a look at 32 bits and preemptive multitask DOS
versions, because they are very expensive:

 - Real/32 (
 - Multiuser DOS (
 - VM/386 (
 - THX-32 -> Not really a DOS system, but it's compatible with this
one (

Has anybody take a look at these DOS systems? Are they really
preemptive multitask, 32 bits, support for DOS and Windows
applications and so on?

I'm expectant to the next release of ZDOS
( and of course when a stable
FreeDOS-32 version will be launched (any day...).

My computer is a Compaq M2000 Amd Turion 64 without 3 1/2 unit disk,
only DVD unit, so I'm having many problems to install them because
they use boot disks. FreeDOS is easy in that sense. But I tried to
install the FreeDOS 0.9 Beta Enhaced Disk and it gave me some
problems. Also the Atapi cd-rom driver included (the alpha version) is
very slow to load! Do you recommend me to install better the FreeDOS
0.9 Lite Version or the Service Release?

Another subject, what about DOS GUI? Seal is dead, also BreadBox
Ensemble GEOS, so nowadays there isn't any project to develop a modern
GUI for DOS. Windows 3.xx is good, but it has the problem of not
liberated resources and it's not preemptive multitask, so some
application can crash the system. Furthermore as it uses cooperative
multitask, I cannot open two applications at the same time and if one 
application is using 100% of CPU the rest are waiting without work.

Do you know any place where I can buy BreadBox Ensemble? Sun2K doesn't
respond  and BreadBox only sells to educational centers.

Thanks for your help!


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