Eric Auer schreef:
I hope you use some other OS beyond DOS as well? DOS cannot use the 64bit
and extra register support of the Turion (mobile AMD Athlon64) processor
nor can it make use of the ability to have more than 4 GB of RAM... And of
course DOS is single-tasking, while other operating systems allow you to
run many programs simultaneously to get rid of the strong computing
powers of your system ;-).
Show me a laptop with more than 4GB of memory :)

For a DOS GUI, I would recommend GEM. Shane of Shaneland has made a
really nice GEM distro. Free GUI with, quite important, quite a few
apps available for it as well. Windows has more, sure, but Windows
is complex. Still you can get that for "free" if you use ReactOS as
standalone or Wine as inside-Linux way of running Windows apps.
Preemptive multitasking is just not DOS, as little as it would be
"sailing" if you equip your sailing ship with a fusion starship drive.
Does this GEM support colors? Monochrome GUI is not a nice thing to have.


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