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Subject: FREEDOS
From: "Tornau, Markus" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

We are using freedos 0.83 in one of our embedded systems and we need
some help to make a change.
We want to change the harddisk (at the moment a 16MB compactflash card)
to a larger one (128 MB). The problem which occurs is the following.
When the system is booting it informs me that the harddisk (in this case
the 128 MB) can not be detected. With the old harddisk (16 MB)
everything is fine and the system boots up normally.
The system is a pc104 board with a 386 core. When I use MS-DOS 6.22 and
the same 128 MB CF the system boots normally.
What can I do to make the system run with the 128 MB CF ?

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