Chema wrote:

> But the svga driver you told me below is for Windows 3.1, I'm using

No. Where did you read that? readme.txt says "Svga256.drv is a 256 color
video driver included in WfW 3.11".

> WFW 3.11 and drivers vesa don't work. Any idea? Scitech Display Doctor

Sorry, but I really hate the stupid "don't work" reports. Man, give us
more details!

Are you sure that your graphics card is VESA VBE compatible?

> could help me? Nobody has developed a better vesa driver for Windows
> 3.xx?

That would require the Windows 3.1 DDK from Microsoft which was/is not

Just for you I tried SVGAPTCH with WfW 3.11 (built-in SuperVGA support)
and Win 3.1 (plus in
Enhanced Mode and it works without problems on my ThinkPad 770 laptop.

Robert Riebisch
BTTR Software

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