On Thu, 2005-11-03 at 21:54 +0000, Gerry Hickman wrote:
> Hi,
> > Yeah, you're right. But how can they extract the MS-DOS from Windows
> > 98-SE?
> I'm pretty sure you can extract DOS from Win95, 98, 98SE. First you get 
> the manifest files that tell you which file is in which CAB (or just 
> look), then you extract and expand the files you want from the CAB file, 
> put them into a boot image and off it goes. However, none of them are as 
> good as FreeDOS.
> What I did was create four folders
> Dos622
> Win95
> Win98SE
> FreeDOS
> then in each I got a compatible boot sector, then put the "DOS" files in 
> there too; this means it's easy to build bootable images of any of these 
> o/s at any time. Note also that if you are going to use MSCLIENT you 
> have to be very careful to match HIMEM, EMM386 with IFSHLP.SYS. Note 
> also that Dos622 is fussy about the actual sector locations of IO.SYS 

What would be fun would be to get help from the author of Hiren's boot
CD and make a multiboot DVD out of all four of these.  Though I would
replace Win95 with Knoppix.

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