Hi Carl,

> The graphics card I bought two years ago did have them.  I was looking
> for a PCI graphics card because of the excellerated port not working
> in Win311.

That would be strange. AGP cards just behave like PCI ones until you
turn on AGP stuff. At least my AGP graphics card works as well as any
other VESA graphics card with my DOS games and in Windows 3.1 ...?

AGP does have some special properties that COULD confuse some drivers:
For quite a while, all PCI and onboard devices were all connected to
a single main PCI bus. So old drivers might be written without the
possibility of having several busses (and bridges between them) in mind.
Again, that would not affect you if you access the card in VESA (BIOS
driven in most aspects) or VGA compatible (bridges and stuff initialized
at boot time, no further magic PCI/AGP setup needed after that) mode.

In newer computers, there are several busses even for PCI devices, and
most drivers are aware that PCI/... can have a tree-ish structure. For
example gigabit ethernet or fast harddisk controllers can have a bus
on their own even when they are actually just another part of the main-
board chipset.


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