On 11/16/05, Johnson Lam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Nov 2005 04:44:08 +0100, you wrote:
> Hi,
> >NwDsk can run MS Client (TCP/IP), see
> >http://www.veder.com/nwdsk/index.html#ms.img
> Oh Gawd, my mistake. I didn't go through "every" paragraph ...
> The big heading is IP/IPX ... I downloaded the Bart's boot disk only,
> sorry to Erwin.

 Try the last floppy image, works like a charm for me, PCI NIC autodetected
and configured, MS Client works also (tested in vmware and a notebook
with a Pentium M). It uses the NDIS driver but automagically adds a
and the environment variable so that you can also run wattcp programs.

> >but that won't help the original poster with getting KA9Q working, I guess.

 Actually I talked to Erwin the other day about this and he gave me the link
to the experimental images he is testing now, those include JNOS2, a KA9Q
derivative which also works beatifully, configuring is entirely done
with menus (NIC autodetection and packet driver loading) then JNOS is
 Perhaps you can wait until he releases those images (perhaps later
this week) or just ask him to send you the link.

> If someone can make it work, just want to say "Please share your
> experience with us".
> And my colleagues laugh at me, trying to use EZNOS as web server.

 I think JNOS will do that for you.

 While testing the images generously provided by Erwin I realized that
I put the wrong problem. Practically I wanted NDIS & MS TCP to
configure my NIC (IP settings) then to attach to the NIC with NOS and
find those
settings already made :). I realize now that I have to configure the IP layer
in NOS once again.
 The JNOS images that I was talking about do that already in the
packet driver menu (with NWlan I think) and then pass an autoexec.net
configured with the right address/domain/etc to JNOS - which takes
control right at the end of the boot sequence. From there you can do
about everything (JNOS provides all you need :).

 Since I was trying JNOS with a packet driver and this is the first time I work
with it (resembles to the linux 'ifconfig/route' commands  :) I took my time
to learn how to use it and did not try the NDIS/packet driver/JNOS approach.

 I'll posts back my results once I reach a result, but for anyone wanting
a networked DOS I suggest starting with Erwin's images.


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