Michael Devore wrote:
I know the basics of how open source development works. Or how it frequently doesn't work. I am not lacking in suggestions on how to apportion my time for open source issues and I have invested many days dedicated to open source support -- not just for FreeDOS. Frankly, I've paid the dues.

Yes, in retrospect I probably did not need that part of my post. You just sounded to me like you were expecting NASM to be as thoroughly tested as a commercial product such as MASM or TASM.

Are you a regular user and supporter of NASM?

I don't use it much. I prefer to use it though since it runs on and targets multiple platforms.

I am not, nor do I plan to be for the foreseeable future. If you are a NASM user and supporter, you are certainly welcome to visit the appropriate venue and post the issues if they are not repeats. Feel free to query me on further details. Otherwise, I am not overly interested in public opinion pieces on my deficits for not spending another hour or five I did not have making sure NASM developers, who may or may not interested, receive another handful of possibly duplicate bug reports for one of their (apparently) less-popular target platforms.

Lastly, I offer this nugget of pure opinion. We can, with clear conscience, gripe about things which irritate us as long as we don't overdo the bitching and moaning bit. Complaining about things which do not work as expected is a fundamental human experience. Humans cannot and should not be expected to fix everything we complain about, even could we sacrifice all our free time to do it.

What is the point of complaining about things then? Anyway, I don't want an argument. Let's leave it at that.

If open source is really a viable replacement for "closed" source, then it should be able to abide a few random gripes about how it works, just the same as proprietary software does.

Of course. The key difference is that with Free/Open Source Software, users are able to contribute instead of relying on a vendor to fix things in a future version which said vendor may decide to charge for. Anyway, I don't want an argument. Let's just acknowledge our differences and move on. I should probably never have replied to your post, since it was bound to lead to an argument.

Perhaps you have seen a few complaints about Microsoft software?

Of course.  Who hasn't?

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