Uploaded to 
is the executable package of MD5SUM v3.0 and uploaded to
is the source package of MD5SUM v3.0.

This new release has many new features and bugfixes described below since v2.0:
* New LFN support where LFNs are available (can be turned off with a
switch as well)
* Support for using SHA1, CRC32, and a non-standard CRC16 is available
in the default binary, and SHA256 can be used when the source is
compiled with defining USE_SHA256 and USE_SHA.
* Support for checking all of the above with correct switches
* Preliminary support for RMD160 in the source
* Support for opening of file lists with @ preceding the filename
* A new recursive option to scan directories recursively, by default
limited to 4 directory depths but can be changed.
* Support for compiling with Pacific C and Turbo C
* Support for the DOS switch character API
* Support for unix paths (paths with '/' instead of '\')
* A new Dutch and a new German translation
* MD5SUM now outputs the full path and filename of a hashed file,
using the Truename function and LFN Truename function.
* Fixed a bug where only files in the current directory could be used.
* Fixed pipe support

Despite the many new features, the new binary is smaller than the
binary for v2!  This was made possible by Pacific C, which compiles
smaller than Turbo C by about 2kb and smaller than OpenWatcom by over
10kb when compressed.  (MD5SUM v2 compiled with OpenWatcom was 18,859
bytes and MD5SUM v3 is now 17,932 bytes compiled with Pacific C.)

As for the source code, many changes were made to clean-up the build
system and make it more portable, and md5sum was organized better to
allow for automatic building.  Through a new utility called builder,
included with the source release of MD5SUM, a compiler can be selected
of OpenWatcom, Pacific C, or Turbo C automatically and the build
process can begin by using the command "build release" in the base
directory of the source tree.  It is highly recommended to use the
WMake utility with Pacific C and Turbo C, otherwise minory changes to
the makefile may be necessary.  Also, a very important change was made
to getcwd95.c derived from the IO95 library which fixes a bug where
insufficient memory is allocated.  If I can get all of IO95 compiling
on Pacific C, Turbo C, and Watcom, I may also make a release of this
as a bugfix release, and it would also introduce new functions like


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