Sorry if this has been asked before. I could not find definitive answers in the FAQs.

1. I have an old DOS program that used to run under Windows-98. It is the Giebler MIDI converter series of programs.

2. Under Windows XP this garners a runtime error 200 (doesn't matter if I open a CMD window or not)

3. When I boot in the old Microsoft DOS 6.22 diskette that I kept, the program continues to report the same error.

Now to the FreeDOS question:

4. If I create the DOS diskette with the fdos1440.img and the "rawreite.exe" will I end up with a disk that I can use similarly to the old DOS 6.22 disk. That is to say, will it boot to FreeDOS and present me with a "DOS" prompt? Will I be able to execute the program, do you think?

5. More importantly, will this diskette in any way alter my master hard drive (Windows XP) by writing anything to it? This is what I hope to avoid.

Thanks - the FAQ was not clear if this is a simple boot disk - seemed to indicate that it is, instead, a diskette that "installs" DOS.


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