Hi Mans,

RAID controller card Adaptec SATA RAID 1610SA.
2 hard drives are configured to RAID1 (mirrored)

OK but have you ever tried breaking the mirror and booting from the shadow drive to see if it still works? It should do, but it's surprising how many people don't test it and then get a shock when it goes wrong.

The system is partitioned in the following way

C: Windows XP
D: Backup partition (contains an image of C:)

Seems a bit extreme when you consider it's already mirrored, but maybe useful for rolling back I guess.

E: FreeDOS (boot partition with image restoration program ImageForDOS from Terabyte Unlimited)

If I select to boot from E: FreeDOS is booted and restores C: from the image file on D:
This works very well, even though FreeDOS has no RAID drivers installed

The question is: If I change RAID controller, how big is the chance that I will not be able to install and use FreeDOS to perform the restoration of C: described above ?

The first question you need to ask is how did you select to boot from the E drive? Do you mean you have some kind of boot loader installed and from this boot loader you are able to choose "E drive"?

Then you need to ask "how was FreeDOS able to see the SATA mirror?"

Your post implies your SATA controller has BIOS support, and that's why you are able to use it from DOS without a driver. If you changed RAID controller the ability to boot into FreeDOS (or any other o/s) would depend on whether this new controller has got it's own BIOS.

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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