> I anticipate that Version 2.08 of EMM386 is the final non-bugfix release I
> will create (bugfix versions will continue, as necessary).  I've

Speaking of bugfixes, a person on FreeDOS IRC has mentioned many times
that the latest versions of HIMEM/EMM386 won't work with certain hard
drives, but will work with others.  AFAIR, he also says that NOVDS
does nothing to change this.

> .  If any of you have suggestions for an open source application written in
> MASM or TASM which could use an automatic conversion to NASM, let me know
> and I'll consider making it the test case for Nomyso version 2.5 or 3.0.

I would personally really appreciate the ASM in FreeDOS HELP being a
test case, as this assembler won't even compile with Arrow Assembler
or the Watcom Assembler (which both use older MASM/TASM syntax,

BTW, with NASM, does optimizing EMM386 or HIMEM for newer CPUs result
in smaller object files?

PS:  If the C is ever to be compiled with Watcom C, as Bernd
suggested, the global functions in the asm would need to have a _ in
front instead of behind, as this is (for some weird reason) the way
OpenWatcom does things.  To get other ASM/C projects to compile with
OpenWatcom, I have changed any instances of _function in the asm to
_function_, and then used defines in the C source code to append a _
to the opposite side of the function.  Just a tidbit.

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