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Hi David,

>Sounds like fun to me.  I once wrote a tool in QuickBASIC which provided a
>"nice" interface for formatting and called "FORMAT" for the acutal format
>and it would be nice to write a tool in C with Turbo Vision that did things
>"properly" now I'm a better programmer :)

Maybe someone will think "why extra format"? But 3rd party utilities
can have more flexible function such as "format without verify", "bulk
format", "force 1680k", "hard disk format (!)" ... all without command
line switches, should be comfortable for those users used to work with

>Is there a wish list somewhere that this suggestion could be noted on?

I maybe the only one on the list, because I think the users need some
"bonus" software to did the job when the command line become too many

If you're interested I can send you the Format Master for reference,
that program should be written in Turbo Pascal, have a runtime error
200 running on fast PC.


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