I just joined this list on the advice of the FreeDOS contact pages :)

I have a problem which I can make no sense of. Essentially, installation of FreeDOS is not happening, and I can't logically attribute to either the software or the hardware its (trying to be) installed on to.

I've tried four motherboards (one 486, 3 pentium) 3 processors (P133, P166, 486 DX4/100), 2 CD drives, 2 IDE cables, 6 SIMM modules, and two different bootCDs. In every case, PCCheck says the hardware is running fine. But the same (or at least very samiliar) result occurs: installation crashes out with invalid instructions, or just locks up, or spontaneously reboots, etc.

Everything else tried on the machines runs fine (including the ubiquitous MS-DOS). I can't believe that something that couldn't even boot itself would be released for general consumption, so I don't think the software's at fault, at the same time, accusing such a wide range of hardware of ALL being broken (yet no faults being manifested) is stretching the imagination a bit.

So my query is, am I missing some basic piece of knowledge that needs to be applied here, or is the version of FreeDOS on the BootCDs not equipped to run on Pentiums/486s ?

-- Richard

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