Hello all

I'm delighted to announce that OpenGEM 5 Core has been released.  You
can download it right away from http://gem.shaneland.co.uk.

OpenGEM 5 Core is the first release of the next generation of the
OpenGEM GUI, a GPL GUI distribution for DOS.  It has many advanced
features.  These include, but are not limited to:
- 3D windows
- Automatic drive detection
- An internal file viewer
- New system fonts
- New pointer icons
- Automatically viewing contents of .TXT,.INF,.NFO,.BAT
and .CFG files

These powerful features were added to the FreeGEM codebase by John Elliott.

OpenGEM 5 Core is tiny.  It's around half the size of OpenGEM 4 Core,
even though it's a lot more powerful.  The download size of OpenGEM 5
Core is only 300kb, and when installed it's only 500kb.  OpenGEM 5 Core
is intended to be the best choice around for a FreeDOS File Manager.

The OpenGEM 5 family is designed to be the GUI of choice for FreeDOS
1.0.  Because we want to make sure everything works perfectly, we're not
going to rush releases.  OpenGEM 5 Core is out now, OpenGEM 5 Complete
should appear before the end of December, and OpenGEM 5 Deutsch is
projected to be complete sometime next year.  Special packages to update
OpenGEM 4 Core to OpenGEM 5 Core will be released later this month.

Best regards to all

Shane Coughlan

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