Hi, i've read the docs for like, well pretty many times, and i still don't get what the .... is wrong. It's getting me fairly pissed though.

I wanted to put freedos on my 286 compaq slt laptop for nostalgy, and enjoy my time with good games.

Hardware works, atleast under ms-dos 3.3, ms-dos 6.2 and minix.

The hard-disk(20Mb) is in fat16 and formatted.

1) I downloaded all the images in: http://fdos.org/ripcord/beta9sr2/disksets/1440KB/

2) I made a boot floppy out of the image B9BOOT01.IMG (i assume it was the one, 'cause in the docs there was like no instructions of what to do with disksets unless you look from the wiki howtos that only speak of mini.img and full.img and god knows what .img, but not the in this release)

I used dd for that (dd of=B9BOOT01.IMG if=/dev/fd0) and i'm sure that the device and filename are correct and excist.

3) I insert the disk (made from B9BOOT01.IMG) to my laptop and turn it on.
It tells me that syslinux needs 386 at least and it's running kernel.sys instead.

4) It asks do i want to load XMS, safe mode, to be asked, or himem+emm386
I choose ask because i think i'm not going to need xms or himem+emm386 on my 286 with 640KB ram.

5) It asks do i want to load xms, continue setup or do anything manually on the command line. I choose continue setup.

6) it asks for language... i comply EN.

7) an error appears on the screen "FreeDOS SETUP could not find a cdrom device on this computer." ... Oh gee i wonder why (;

8) setup asks what do i want to do next (to get over with it and play awesome games ofcourse) I choose "Don't use a cdrom device for installing FreeDOS"

9) Setup asks for an alternative installation media. I choose disks (wich i have made from the images mentioned above)

10) It says "Please wait while copying temporary files to harddisk."

             Then it makes love up and i get upset...

"Bad command or filename - "a:\freedos\tunz"."
"Bad command or filename - "install.bat"."


End of story and nobody lives happily ever after. (ps. the dir c:\temp\ is empty)

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