for days now i try to get a dos-driver for my iomega zip drive 100 (paralell port) but it seems all liks in google i find are dead or just contain win2k or something like that drivers. at iomega directly they offer me "download driver for dos" but then i get a "0 files found" *sigh* i tried to sign up at driverguide or familiar but i was never able to complete signup. i get a mail, saining i sould go to a specific link, if i go there they say my data is incorect, please check ur data and after i submittet it i get a mail, saying go to that link, there saying incorect data, and so on and on (but thats offtopic i think).

so would be really greate if somebody who still has such a "old" device and also still has the install cd could give me the file (guest.exe i think is the one) or maybe could tell me where i could find this file.

thanks a lot


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