Hi there FreeVoluntary from Ukraine / Vitayu FreeVoluntary,

I have tried to reach you. It seems Aitor have tried that as well.
I found out that the spanish Terra ISP is blocked by your server due to 
spam. If you have an e-mail address other than the one hosted @email.ua, I 
would be glad to know.

The point is, you're asking why *your* ukrainian keyboard layout for KEYB 
was not included (I don't know about MKeyb, sorry).
Therefore, it seems we're talking about a personal customization of yours. 
Personal customizations are not bundled with the official FreeDOS KPDOS 
packages; what I do when some user tells me that it would be much more 
useful for him **and for all users on his area/country** if a given layout 
provided this or that feature, I analyze the impact on the standard layout 
and, if I see no forthcoming trouble, I implement the feature. Besides, it's 
important to mention that I have never received any ukrainian KEY files from 
you to be analyzed; if you have any, I would be glad to receive it(them).

On the other hand, I apologize if I'm getting you wrong and you're talking 
about a real, physical ukrainian keyboard for which I have not provided 
support on KPDOS' KEYBRD3.SYS. I would be glad if you could check the 
following webpages and tell me whether your keyboard is identical to any of 
IBM webpage:
Microsoft webpage:

If you really come to the conclusion that you have a third ukrainian 
keyboard, I would be grateful if you could send me a close picture of it, 
along with any documentation you might have concerning that; I'll provide 
support for it on the next KPDOS package and I apologize for any 

Have a nice day / Do pobachennya,

|| ----- Original Message ----- 
|| From: "Aitor Santamaría Merino" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
|| To: "Eric Auer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
|| <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>; <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>; "Henrique Peron"
|| Sent: Friday, December 23, 2005 6:57 PM
|| Subject: Re: Ukrainian FreeCOM / keyb?
||| For layouts CC: Henrique please.
||| Aitor
||| Eric Auer escribió:
||| > Hi,
||| >
||| >>Hello! Why my ukrainian translation of FreeCOM message file ... and
||| >>my ukrainian layouts for MKeyb and Keyb is not included...
||| >
||| >
||| > Good question. Forwarding that question to Blair (Blair distro),
||| > Bernd (beta9sr2) and Jeremy (FreeCOM interim maintainer). I think
||| > they will contact you to get your translated files if they do not
||| > already have them.
||| >
||| > Eric
||| >
||| > PS: Also CCing Aitor (keyb) and Tom (mkeyb).

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