Hi, depends!
First, you need a Japanese font. You can use a Unicode font.
Then, you will likely have to convert that from TTF to some
bitmap or otherwise simple file format, as TTF rendering
engines would make your C program complex.
Next, you should use a 32bit compiler like DJGPP (GNU C),
as I assume that your font will take a lot of RAM.
Finally, you can use that font in your program :-). You
can parse UTF 8 strings to get the 16bit character numbers of
each letter in the string. The rest should be quite
straightforward. Of course your program will have to use
graphics mode. Text mode uses hardware font rendering
which supports only fonts up to 512 characters size.

There might be some driver type programs which do the
rendering for you, with some interface into which you
can feed UTF 8 encoded text or raw 16bit character
numbers. Then you would not have to do the graphics
mode work and you would not have keep the font in the
RAM of your main program yourself.


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