Hi all,

I hereby announce the new version of KEYB, FD-KEYB 2.0 pre-release 4, a
major bugfix release since the previous version.

You can get it at ibiblio as usual:

- 8088 compatible. I have removed all the 80286+ specific code, so it
should now run even in PC/XT. Testings welcome.
- New switch:  /L=m
Allows the choice of a submapping at boot (provided that it is compatible
with current codepage). Useful for some layouts, such as Russian, having
different submappings for the same codepage, so that you can boot KEYB as
either cirylic or latin.
- Whenever KEYBOARD.SYS DOES exist, but does NOT contain the layout
sought, then <layout>.KL is tried

- A bug in the loading high of the data has been fixed, so that the
correct allocation strategy is restored. This was found by the DOSBOX
developers (MANY THANKS TO THEM!). I hope this also clears the strange
problems at loading high with FreeCOM (?)
- Strange missbehaviour of the DEL key with the chosen decimal character
- STRINGS not working (FIXED)
- Unable to load a read-only (R attribute on file system) file (FIXED)
- When trying to find a layout in a library, the first layout to START AS
the given layout is loaded (instead of the first layout to MATCH the given
- The int 9h handler is chained with STRINGS, even in PC/AT machines or
with /E (FIXED: it is only chained in PC/XT or /9)
- Copyright year is missprinted (FIXED)
- Strange output in certain error cases (FIXED)
- README.TXT quite outdated (updated, and help file too)

Now I'll be touching some minor things on KC/KLIB (the compiler and
librarian), but I give a brief list of what's forthcomming for the next
release of KEYB, the last one before I freeze code for the 2.0 final
- Include the LFN support that I was contributed (not in this version, sorry)
- Allow to execute commands within Strings
- SAFE MODE: prevention for KEYB bombs and such
- Beeping

Cheers to all and happy testing!
Please report any problem/bug found with this KEYB or KC/KLIB.


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