> ... This might not be the 100% final 0.91v, as Alain wants to
> add one extra feature: Should it be possible to abort with Ctrl-C
> or is the current (only Ctrl-Break aborts) implementation okay?
> After all aborting in the middle of the format process should not
> be too easy ;-). Votes please!

I think that Ctrl-C should work as Ctrl-Break.

> PS: How about using the name 0.92 for this and 0.93 for Blair's
> project of kittenizing the whole thing (100s of messages...)  ?
> Or maybe even 1.0, who knows? ;-)

0.92 sounds best for this version (because the letters are starting to
get boring), and maybe 1.0 for the kittenized version, ONLY if it is
verified to work on large hard disks properly.  I was thinking that to
make the kittenization easier, I would simply make new functions
called kitten_printf and kitten_write that take two extra arguments
than their clib contemporaries (for the message catalog numbers).  Are
there any objections?  Reasons why this would be a bad idea?  I found
that with FDPKG, I did this and it greatly decreased the binary size
by using only two calls to kittengets() rather than many.  (only
increased by less than 2 kb).  Otherwise there would be the same
amount of printf calls and many kittengets calls.  With my method, the
already present printf calls are replaced by the same amount of
kitten_printf calls, and then there are only two extra calls (1
vprintf and 1 kittengets in kitten_printf).  Thoughts?

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See ya

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