Shane M. Coughlan wrote:

Tom Lee Mullins wrote:
Do you think it one could use FreeDOS and OpenGem on
MIT's $100 laptop computer?

-- I sent them an e-mail about it. :)

Hi Tom

Technically, yes...running FreeDOS and OpenGEM on the $100 laptop should
work.  However, I'm not sure that it would be the best option.  Red Hat
are currently making the OS for the laptop, and that means we'll see
Linux 2.6 with Gnome 2.10 or 2.12 preloaded.  The 500mz CPU should
handle that load fine.  In terms of functionality it would be a
considerable downgrade to use FreeDOS/OpenGEM.  However, if we were
talking about having an environment that is simple, fast and easy to
hack around with, the FreeDOS/OpenGEM combination could provide a great
learning system.

FreeDOS is very close to 1.0, and OpenGEM 5 is a pretty strong system.
As a combination we're looking at tools that are both interesting and
useful.  I can see several applications

- Rescue tools
- Learning development environments
- File management tasks

FreeDOS is useful perhaps for embedded work in addition to a normal OS.

We have to balance these ideas against the strength of Linux.  Linux is
a very powerful system, and it runs on a lot of hardware.  There is no
point in being unrealistic about our (DOS-based system) position against
theirs: in desktop and server it's almost always got to be Linux.  It's
like the way people email me asking when OpenGEM will be 32bit with
multi-tasking and have 16million colors.  I'm never going to try and do
that.  If you want that, I suggest getting GNOME on Linux or BSD.  If I
was to make something that was 32bit, multitasking and had millions of
colors I would make GNOME anyway.

We should focus on our main markets (low power machines, embedded and
hobbyist), and provide the best tools we possibly can for these people.

Project Leader

I have heard some say that Linux is a 'geeks operating system' since
it needs tweaking.

Since some think the laptop has an embedded os (I am not sure if it
is true), one could use FreeDOS as an embedded os?

It still could be considered an alternative os(?).


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