Hi Erwin,

thanks for that suggestion. Despite the fact that I've been a long time reader of batch.ger on FIDONET, this invaluable set of tools escaped my memory. And when I come to think of it, it's even worse: I am using WBAT right now but didn't think of Horst's other tools at all. Maybe I'm getting old *g*

Best regards,

Erwin Veermans wrote:
I use DREADY from http://home.mnet-online.de/horst.muc/horst.htm
To cut a long story short: How can I check if there is a CDROM in the drive without any user interaction? Everything that can be executed under plain FreeDOS is okay, a short piece of asm code is okay, too. I have Turbo Pascal 7 as well, if that helps :)

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