If I read the patents in question right, they are not exactly "FAT" patents but rather "LFN for FAT" patents. The primary reason for the patents is to cut a nice slice from the memory stick/card market for M$.

FAT has one large benefit: Because it is so simple, it is easy to implement on low-end hardware. One doesn't need much processor power or (even more crucial) ram to handle FAT. Ext2/3/reiserfs offer much more than FAT but are also much more demanding in terms of internal data structure management.

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BIAF wrote:
I Agree, things like this will only make the FreeDOS crew rebell with new
FS, MS are doing them selfs no favours at all with this move.

But its been on the brew for along time, maybe they will not do much about
it now.

I can't understand the crying about the FAT patent. In the whole "world" of
file systems are enough candidates to replace the Grandma of file systems.
And most of them are free. I.e. HFS and HFS+ (the file systems of MacOS)
are GPL and is supported by the linux distros for free. Ok, on Windows there
are only commercial solutions but it is a option. And the ReiserFS is also
And perhaps someone create solutions for DOSes because FAT isn't free
anymore. This can be the beginning of a better FreeDOS :-)

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