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>traditional values.  So if anyone is having a CD/DVD drive recognition problem 
>in FreeDOS, try turning off "native mode" for the IDE channels in the BIOS.

Message from Jack Ellis:

"Native PCI Mode" is ONLY for big servers, which often have many more
devices than we do and thus must re-arrange their device I-O
addresses!   Regular "home user" systems hardly ever need "Native PCI
Mode" and MUST NOT be set for it unless the user KNOWS he has software
which REQUIRES it!   Most DOS drivers (including XDMA and XCDROM) are
written to use "Legacy IDE" channels at I-O addresses 1F0h for the
primary or 170h for the secondary, NOT any other addresses!   Note
that mainboard UltraDMA controller chips handle "UltraDMA" functions
at PCI-assigned addresses DIFFERENT than the main-controller 1F0h or
170h addresses, since UltraDMA was added in 1994 AFTER the original
1F0h/170h IDE design.   This is O.K., but "Native PCI Mode" is NOT!! 
Best wishes!      Jack R. Ellis

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