Hi Johnson:

The new machine comes with WindowsXP pre-installed
and configured.  Often, people immediately add
software and spend a lot of time configuring it...
I sure do.

My experience suggests that people would rather use an
old, dedicated machine than spend hours re-installing
WindowsXP.  I have NEVER reinstalled WindowsXP and I've
dual booted at least a dozen machines.

Using the Linux tools, you can shrink the WindowsXP partition
IN PLACE, without affecting WindowsXP at all.  (Well, WindowsXP
does run chkdisk after you do this, but that's automatic.  It
runs exactly the same way.)

I'm using a boot loader called GAG because it's the simplest to
set up that I've found.  Works great!

Takes maybe 15 minutes to do everything (other than download
and burn the Linux LiveCD that does this).


Johnson Lam wrote:

I'm not smart, so I think the target of the dual boot should be:

1) Install FreeDOS FAT32, then install WinXP, add FreeDOS to WinXP
loader (simple but I found sometimes WinXP refuse to write the boot
sector if it's not MSDOS)

2) Make FAT32 partition somewhere in the WinXP installed hard disk,
then use boot manager (WinXP boot loader or something like Robert
Riebisch's bootmgr)


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