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Hi Mark,

>The new machine comes with WindowsXP pre-installed
>and configured.  Often, people immediately add
>software and spend a lot of time configuring it...
>I sure do.

Yes, I did the same time consuming job, so I can understand adding
FreeDOS with destroying XP is a great idea.

>My experience suggests that people would rather use an
>old, dedicated machine than spend hours re-installing
>WindowsXP.  I have NEVER reinstalled WindowsXP and I've
>dual booted at least a dozen machines.

Reinstall XP is a PAIN. So if I can boot FreeDOS from hard disk and
make GHOST (any other OpenSource choice?) them into the FreeDOS
partition of flash (via USB), then I can save much time working on my
own, relax.

>Using the Linux tools, you can shrink the WindowsXP partition
>IN PLACE, without affecting WindowsXP at all.  (Well, WindowsXP
>does run chkdisk after you do this, but that's automatic.  It
>runs exactly the same way.)

I've found a guide to do this, but it seems "not so easy" because I'm
not familiar of Linux, also it's like disintegrate a bus for a novice
engineer, quite frightening. That why I want a program can did this
procedure automatically (at least semi-automatic).

>Takes maybe 15 minutes to do everything (other than download
>and burn the Linux LiveCD that does this).

If you can simplify the procedure or give choices to the users, for
example. ask them to choose 500MB, 1GB or 4GB FAT32 instead of asking
'what is the size you want? Enter in bytes'.

Some pre-defined choice is better than asking questions with size or
number. Linux is GREAT but not user friendly.


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