Hi Michael:

FreeDOS does not have any native NTFS access at all.  (Neither
does MS-DOS).  There is a free (for personal use) driver called
NTFS4DOS available from www.datapol.de that MAY work for your application:


It seems to have problems with very large NTFS disks and partitions and
has some bugs. You can just run NTFS4DOS from the DOS command line
and it will find and mount your NTFS partition(s).

I'm not familiar with the NTFSDOS driver.


Michael McStarfighter wrote:

is it possible to get r/w access to NTFS? I have the Winternals Admin Pack
5.0 which includes the NTFSDOS driver, but I don't know how to integrate it
into FreeDOS. And ATM I can't find about native access to NTFS from FreeDOS.

The same question I have about USB access.

Thanks a lot.

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