A FreeDOS user e-mailed these questions to me, concerning a subject about which I know very little. If someone who knows more could reply to him with decent information, that would be great.

From: Dimitris Dimitris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>


1) I installed MS Client 3.0 and the pc freezes when the config.sys is processing this line: device=c:\net\ifshlp.sys
If I put a REM, the computer wont freeze, but the msclient will not work.
The pc is a PC/104 386sx with 16MB disk on module hard disk. The etherned adapter is a Realtek 8019.
Any ideas of what could be wrong?

2) I basically want to map a network share to the pc. Is there an alternative to the MS client? Perhaps I could setup a dos ftp server instead? Is there such a program available? Am I correct to assume that in order to setup up a DOS ftp server I will have to use wattcp along with a packet driver for my Realtek 8019 ?

Thanks in advance


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