> Nearly anything you'd ever want to do in FreeDOS can be done without 
> going anywhere near a hard drive or it's o/s. It's very easy to create a 
> bootable FreeDOS CD or bootable FreeDOS data stick...

Making USB sticks boot FreeDOS is not actually trivial.
And as Mark said, booting from and writing to non-harddisk
media is slow and in the case of CD even impossible...
Yeah well we could support CD-RW with UDF. Maybe ;-).

>  Anyone who is interested in FreeDOS would insist on re-building any 
> PC that ever landed on their desk. The first thing I do to an XP machine 
> is run FreeDOS FDISK with the /clearall option...

You are an OS "racist". Many people are very happy with their
Windows-Linux dual boot system, and the same will be the case
for Windows-DOS or Windows-DOS-Linux systems. Linux distros let
you resize the Windows partition to make space for Linux, which
is MUCH easier than deleting and reinstalling Windows. Plus it
is a bit "never change a running system" - do not reinstall it,
better resize it :-).

> Even if you do want XP, 
> you can simply create a bootable partition formatted as FAT to "install" 
> FreeDOS and then put Windoze on the next partition and so on. Anyone who 
> runs a PC with only one partition is a foo...

As said :-). So resizers are nice. As Windows usually comes preinstalled
so the users are not given the option to create multiple partitions in
the first place. MS claims that drive letters confuse users :-P. MS also
promoted that stupid "revert to shipping state" "recovery mode", which
can be triggered by any idiot but which (who cares? at least MS does not)
also deletes your own files and removes all security updates and so on.
But hey, letting users FIX their Windows would mean work for the helpdesk.

> Another option for anyone serious about FreeDOS is simply add a second 
> hard drive; it's cheap, and it's a lot easier and much safer in terms of 
> disaster recovery and you can also use it for swap file etc.

I disagree. If you hit your Windows drive with a hammer, you can
unplug it and then still have DOS? At least for the software view,
a separate partition is just as good as a separate harddisk...
And absolutely cheaper than a new disk :-).


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