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>And as Mark said, booting from and writing to non-harddisk
>media is slow and in the case of CD even impossible...
>Yeah well we could support CD-RW with UDF. Maybe ;-).

Not really, quite fast.
What can you expected from USB?

>You are an OS "racist". Many people are very happy with their
>Windows-Linux dual boot system, and the same will be the case
>for Windows-DOS or Windows-DOS-Linux systems. Linux distros let
>you resize the Windows partition to make space for Linux, which
>is MUCH easier than deleting and reinstalling Windows. Plus it
>is a bit "never change a running system" - do not reinstall it,
>better resize it :-).

Oh, man! Nothing to do with "race", anything wrong to add FreeDOS to
WinXP? I want this kind of dualboot!


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