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Hi Eric,

>Hi Johnson, I did not intend to insult people, I just
>wanted to say "most people will not want to delete Windows
>if it came preinstalled with their PC" / "Most people do
>not download DOS to 'clean' their PC and remove Windows".

Your message was misleading, we discuss with pure technical
possibilities only.

Maybe someone feel unsafe if making dual boot because they may lost
their "WinXP pre-install partition", in fact today's PC manufacturer
won't give you an installation CD unless you pay them.

This is why a complete and test thoroughly procedure (or a dual boot
CD) important. We need to take a lot of consideration before doing
anything to the hard disk. For example, we may need to GHOST the whole
hard disk before we start, I believe that's rather small, after
compression it should be less than 800MB, a US60 can buy a FLASH DISK
or a COMPACT FLASH to store it, and boot the driver directly from
flash or floppy if the BIOS not new enough.

So I think Mark is doing something great, I hope I can help to test as
soon as possible but I got a trip to China soon, I may need to start a
weeks (luckily only one week, praise GOD) later when I return, I'll
prepare a new hard disk to try the procedure.

>I noticed that DOS / Win3 boots quite slow from USB (slow
>BIOS drivers). Disk writes are slow, too, and even un-
>reliable on some BIOSes. My comment is also related to
>Knoppix versus Linux-on-harddisk... Of course Knoppix is
>far more complex than DOS, but loading 10s of MBs of Linux
>into RAM from CDROM takes quite a bit of time and resources.

That's why DOS still exist, because most of the Linux distribution is
huge. DOS is small and robust to do the GHOST thing or rescue data.

Copy a few megabyte from flash disk is acceptable to most people, and
that's enough to backup the whole pre-installed partition.


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