The image is about 32.5MB.  Does anyone want to try this image?  The
directions I have available use the same programs and are quite close.
You could install FreeDOS using this in two reboots and burning only
one CD.  I can send you a very detailed PDF procedure.
I have uploaded fdinst09.iso, an ISO image combining the GParted 0.2
Live CD (with fdisk added), odin1440.img from odin 2005, and the GAG
boot loader image.  You select at the BOOT prompt which you want to

This will allow installing FreeDOS in three reboots (sorry I said two earlier:
1.  Boot LiveCD to shrink NTFS partition, create new one and add the type.
2.  Boot GAG to install the new boot loader
3.  Boot ODIN to allow you to SYS the appropriate drive and copy the
necessary FreeDOS files).

The procedure on it has not yet been updated to reflect this and still
refers to the Mutagenix LiveCD and burning your own GAG and
FreeDOS images.

The beta procedure  is available in the DOC directory. Everything is
GPL, properly attributed, and I am releasing the composite under the
GPL.  I will probably use a Creative Commons Attribute/Share license
for the procedure when I get around to that.

I have not had a chance to test yet, but for those wanting it sooner rather than later, I'm hosting it for Mark on my fdos site.

Download as http://odin.fdos.org/dual/fdinst09.iso
I also extracted the documents from the image and placed at http://odin.fdos.org/dual/doc/ if you want to read them prior to downloading the full CD ISO.

Will probably mirror onto ibiblio when I get a chance (sooner if this is really popular :-)


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