The floppy distributions of FreeDOS being admittedly incomplete,
the CD ones inapplicable in my case in hand, and installing from
hard disc just what I want, some time ago I developed a procedure
for installing FreeDOS 9.1:
(1) put the contents of B9BASE01 and B9BASE02 on a hard disc;
(2) clean boot from B9BOOT01;
This procedure does not seem to work with 9.2: I do not even find
TEXTINST there. Trying the TEXTINST of 9.1 on the 9.2 BASE fails,
as it probably should: eg, the 9.2 BASE does not contain
COMMANDX.ZIP which is part of the 9.1 BASE. So I made a list of
9.1 and 9.2 BASE differences, laced the 9.2 ZIP-LSM directory with
the 9.1 versions of the "missing" files (intending to use 9.2 ODIN
for subsequent modernisation), and again tried the 9.1 TEXTINST
on, mostly, the 9.2 distribution files. It did not work. Indeed,
TEXTINST ignored my suggestion about where to install from and
asked for a floppy.
My questions:
(i)   Could you suggest a 9.2 installation procedure that does not
      involve CDs or images thereof?
(ii)  If not, wouldn't a TEXTINST update be significantly easier
      than mending the 9.2 floppy distribution which seems to be
      on Bernd's to do list, but with a low priority?
And a tentative suggestion: couldn't the choices in various BATs
be made without default automatic starting? However stupid one's
choice, at least one knows what it has been and can in time learn
from the consequences.


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